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AAF District 5 News


CincinnADDYs Sweep Top Honors in AAF District 5 Competition Results

In the words of Dave Ballengee, chairman of the AAF District 5 American Advertising Awards, Cincinnati “pretty much swept the honors (best in the district).”

The big winners from Cincinnati:

D5 Professional Best of Show, Judge’s Choice and Gold ADDY to Landor for their Inject Hope Posters campaign.

D5 Judge’s Choice and Gold ADDY to Febreze Song Ads, Regional/National radio campaign.

And a Gold ADDY to Febreze Song Ads Branded Content and Entertainment Campaign.

D5 Student ADDYs Best Of Show and Gold ADDY to J. Michael Davidson, NKU student for his Integrated Brand Identity Campaign for The GameOn Foundation.

Add to that D5 Professional Silver ADDYs to:

- Landor for Old Spice Compass Watch sales promotion packaging

- Northlich for “Talk to your cat about sex” public service campaign

- Lightborne for OFFF Festival Titles 2016 animation, special effects, motion graphics

- POSSIBLE for Downy Social social media campaign

- LEAPframe for Lunazul Directors Cut cinematography

- Epipheo for Lown Institute internet commercial

- MadTree Brewing Company for Identity Crisis Can Design packaging

- Landor for Tide Studio Launch packaging

And D5 Student Silver ADDYs to:

- AIC School of Design student Kristin Seneker for Frush Gushers Rebrand integrated brand identity campaign

- NKU student Kylie Meiser for Timber Doodle Botanical Bar packaging

- Cincinnati State student Dallas Ford for Skateboarding Infographic single

AAF District 5 judged a total of 384 professional entries and 74 student entries. Cincinnati took BOTH the Professional and the Student Best Of Show, two of the four Judge’s Choice Awards, 3 of 18 Gold ADDYs, 8 of 46 Silver ADDYs, plus 1 of 10 student Golds and 3 of 10 student Silvers. Way to go, Cincinnati!

The American Advertising Awards is the ad industry’s largest and most representative competition, attracting over 40,000 entries every year in local AAF club competitions. Local winners compete in one of 15 district competitions, the second tier. District 5 winners are forwarded to the third tier, the national stage of the American Advertising Awards. This year’s national American Advertising Awards Show will be the evening of June 10 at AAF’s ADmerica Conference in New Orleans.

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Calendar of Events


Clark Rector Power Breakfast at Radisson Covington, April 19 7:30am - 9:00am

Join us for a unique opportunity to gain a clear understanding of the vital role our industry plays in the economy and learn valuable knowledge about the initiatives AAF is currently spearheading to prevent harmful taxes and restrictions that could affect you and your clients.

As an AAF public policy advocate since 1988, Clark Rector has worked to educate policymakers on the industry's value and deliver the industry position on many issues, testifying before the US Congress, the FTC, and the state and city government. What's more, he has directed lobbying efforts of AAF's grassroots networks 40,000 ad professionals, addressing topics from taxes to online privacy.

Claim your seats early, and don't miss out on this important and informative industry session.

Register Now!

Join Us at our Upcoming 20 Min + A Beer

  • March 30: Join us at Red Echo Post for an informative discussion on "Movie Making: A View from Behind the Camera" with Cinematographer and First Camera Asst. Amy Faust. More info...
  • April 27: Join us at Barefoot Proximity with Troy Hitch. Hitch will speak on 'Teleportation Actualized Through Temporal Displacement and Translational Invariance" More info...

2017 Silver Medal Winner Luncheon

Our Silver Medal Recipient Luncheon has a tentative date of May 24. The 2017 Silver Medal winner will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Please visit out website for the announcement of the winner and date confirmation.

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AAF Cincinnati is pleased to announce we have moved to a one-year membership calendar. Current and prospective members of AAF Cincinnati will have their membership last a full 12 months with their membership expiring in the anniversary month of their joining.

Confused on when your membership expires:

  • If you paid your 2016-17 dues before November 1, 2017, your membership expires on June 30, 2017.
  • If you paid your 2016-17 dues on January 3, 2017, your membership expires on January 3, 2018
  • And so on...

With the end of the fiscal year rapidly approaching, AAF Cincinnati has begun our 2017-18 Membership Drive. Click here to join AAF Cincinnati.

Still have questions or concerns on our new membership structure, please call the AAF Cincinnati office at 513.984.9990 or email Executive Director Judy Thompson at

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Executive Director's Corner

Call for Commitee Volunteers!

It’s that time of year when we seek candidates for our Board of Directors as well as additional hands to help out on our many AAF Cincinnati committees. Want to volunteer for an organization that offers you remarkable networking opportunities while it gives you leadership experience you may not be getting on the job?  Just let us know!  Volunteers make our world go ‘round!

Send an email to Executive Director Judy Thompson at Tell her a little about your background, your interests, what you’d like to get from your AAF Cincinnati membership. Looking for a mentor? Drinking buddies? Strategies for getting the promotion you deserve? Maybe a better job?  A bigger salary? It’s all possible through AAF Cincinnati!  
And, if you are under 32, you'll have a unique opportunity to show your talent and skills when you connect within our Ad 2 YP group. 

Judy can help you find the perfect fit.  Email her today!

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