For Young Pros. By Young Pros.


Ad 2 Cincinnati is the young professional division of AAF Cincinnati. Our members consist of professionals and students living and breathing advertising, marketing and design. Ranging in ages 18 to 32, our members grow their careers, networks and friendships with Ad 2.


From entry-level to VP planning, Ad 2 has a place for everyone. We work collaboratively with AAF Cincinnati and many other organizations across the city planning events, speakers and networking opportunities.


You should join Ad 2 if…


You like networking. Ad 2 gives you a direct line into our industry. As a member, you’ll develop relationships, contacts and expand your business card collection.


You’re looking for a job.With membership, you gain access to the AAF Cincinnati sponsored job bank with exclusive listings from the region. Through our events you could meet someone you’d be working with, the person hiring you or the CEO of the company. How’s that for a recruitment tool?


You enjoy friendship.We get it, coming to an event solo can be THE WORST; but we’re a diverse group of open-minded people who share (at least) one passion. Come as you are and grow with us as we shape who we want to be. Drinks, karaoke, agency tours? The opportunities are endless!


You want to give back. Each year, we partner with a local community organization by planning and implementing a full marketing campaign. We work as an organization to play off each member’s skills and create something wonderful. The campaigns we create are featured annually in a national competition at the AAF conference.


You want to get involved. Ultimately, sometimes the 9 to 5 job isn’t enough. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to find a community outside of work where you can still grow your career. We’re a supportive group with a lot of different connections, looking to lead anyone and everyone in the right direction. Are you ready for something more?


Interested? If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]


“WHERE DO I SIGN?” No questions? Join Ad 2 Cincy here.


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