Wed. Aug. 23, 5pm: Membership Reboot

August 23, 2017
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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American Sign Museum
1330 Monmouth Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45225

Membership Reboot!
Admission, Drinks, Munchies -- Magically Free! 
Yes, that means YOU. As we kick off our new programs year, join us.
  • AAF-C and Ad2-C Members
  • Prospective Members
  • Maybe-someday Members 

Love ads and signs and cool peeps? Be there ... and bring a co-worker, a friend, a significant other. Bring a bunch if you wish! 

If your Membership has lapsed, you can renew at this and we will waive that traditional $25 admin fee. Or if you want to think about it some more, you can still come to this. 
It's our first happy hour event of the year. And it couldn't be at a better place! If you've never been there, you'll be mesmerized -- seriously!!! Meet people, talk about yourself. FREE FOR ALL. Bring business cards. Or resumes. Dress down. Or dress up. Biz casual. Or quirky. Even a business suit. 
While there is NO CHARGE, we'd like to have some idea of how many will be there,