Becoming Future Fluent

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For more than two decades, Valerie Jacobs has helped ambitious clients reconcile the enduring and emergent to create more meaningful, future-primed brand experiences that move the needle. Although none of us can predict the future, we can spot weak signals, map emerging cultural trends and weigh variables.And with that foresight, we can glimpse tomorrow and help businesses adapt, excel and win.

Her fascination with trends and foresight began during her days studying fashion and product development in graduate school. What was especially compelling to her was the constant formation of new trends, which would ultimately aect our world—and consumers’ lives—in the months or years ahead.

That insight kick-started her career as a futurist, where she parlayed her expertise into actionable strategies and tools for businesses and, over time, cemented the practice as a cornerstone of LPK’s approach.





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