What’s the difference between AAF Cincinnati and Ad2?
Ad2 is AAF Cincinnati’s “Young Professionals” division, for advertising professionals (or students) ages 18 to 32. While the local chapter was started in 2006, Ad2 is a National organization, a part of the American Advertising Federation, that dates back to the years following World War II. (AAF Cincinnati had an earlier version of “Ad II” from about 1974 to 1984.)

Can I join as a Student?
Yes, you can. If your school has a charter from the American Advertising Federation as an AAF Student Chapter and you are a member of that, the rate we’ll charge you is less. Whether you become a Student Member of AAF Cincinnati or of Ad2 depends strictly upon your age. And both Memberships are the same price.

How is AAF Cincinnati different from the local chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) or the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) or the AIGA or the ANA or the 4A’s or all the other alphabet soup organizations I could join?
Our members tell us loud and clear that “AAF Cincinnati is more fun!” But beyond that, there’s the fact that we are a part of the AAF, a federation of more than 200 local clubs and associations across the country. That means AAF provides us with guidance but doesn’t tell us what to do from the top down. It also means that your dues, which are usually much lower – come directly to us. (We send AAF a portion of those dues to help cover their services.)

Is there a certain time of year I must join?
You may join any time. Our fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. So, to keep everyone on the same calendar, we prorate your dues quarterly. That means you pay from the quarter you join through June 30. Full year. Or 3/4 year. Half year. Or quarter year. Everyone is then invoiced in June for the full July through June year.

How can I get on the AAF Cincinnati Board?
Our Board of Directors is elected by the Membership. In the spring, the Immediate Past President of the AAF Cincinnati begins reaching out to Members who have been active on Committees or who have expressed an interest in becoming part of the club’s leadership. (While the Ad2 President has a voting seat on the AAF Cincinnati’s Board and vice versa, Ad2 has its own directors – selected from its own membership.)

Where can I learn more about the American Advertising Federation?
Simply go to http://www.aaf.org. After you have joined AAF Cincinnati or Ad2, you will be able to access the password-protected “member” part of that website, becoming eligible for special members-only webinars and other unique benefits.