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Goodbye AdClub - Hello AAF Cincinnati

Our name and logo are different, but AAF Cincinnati’s commitment to promote and advance the advertising industry remains the same. Our new identity is about thinking nationally and acting locally through a more solid partnership with the national American Advertising Federation. As the advertising industry continues to change and evolve, AAF Cincinnati will be at the forefront in unifying our local, regional and national connections and resources that impact our membership and community. It strengthens our ability to provide Greater Cincinnati with an exchange of creativity, innovative ideas, and career enrichment.

Our members and audiences are expanding. We’re serving a diverse group of members and prospective members from corporate advertising, marketing and communications departments; ad agency suits and creatives alike; media reps from broadcast, print, and interactive companies; even lawyers specializing in intellectual property, advertising and media law; plus members from every size shop, from independent contractors to global corporations and every imaginable supplier to the advertising industry.

Our goals are bigger. AAF is the oldest national advertising trade association (Cincinnati’s AdClub was one of AAF’s founding members in 1905). AAF Cincinnati is now an even stronger player in unifying the voice for advertising behind AAF’s national mission to promote and protect truth in advertising in our billion dollar industry.

Judy Thompson, Executive Director of the local trade group, says, “We’ve been a part of the AAF since its founding. This just strengthens our bond. It also links our ‘grassroots’ club members more transparently with AAF Corporate members and with respected programs such as the AAF Hall of Fame, the National Student Advertising Competition and the ADDYs. Of course, it was a Board decision. And I couldn’t be happier!”

AAF, headquartered in Washington, D.C, is the glue that holds together more than 200 local clubs across the country representing 40,000 advertising professionals and more than 200 AAF college chapters, with 6,500+ student members. Add to that nearly 100 blue chip corporate members – and you begin to see the power of our national affiliation, connecting us all within one amazing, nationally coordinated grassroots network.

For more information: contact Judy Thompson at 513-984-9990.

An incorporated nonprofit organization, AAF Cincinnati is now a partner of the American Advertising Federation (AAF). Its mission: “To advance the region's advertising and communications community by creating opportunities for its members to exchange ideas, enrich careers and inspire creativity.” AAF Cincinnati has about 300 members including those in Ad 2 Cincinnati, our young professionals division which accepts members 18-32 years old.