Brands and bold comments highlight AAF "20 Min + A Beer" Sept. 14.

BRANDEMONIUM Co-founders Bill Donabedian and Kevin Canafax introduce event plans at AAF Cincinnati's Sept. 14 "20 Minutes + A Beer."

by Jeff Archiable, Archer Creative Media on September 15, 2017


It has long been said that if you open your home pantry, you will see a multitude of brands that trace their origins to Cincinnati. Branding is the Cincinnati DNA, making our city the perfect host for an innovative festival of brands known as Brandemonium. 

The four day event (October 11-14) comes from the minds of co-founders Bill Donabedian, the man behind the highly successful Bunbury Music Festival, and Kevin Canafax, credited with charitable events including Suits That Rock and Play On. Donabedian and Canafax laid out plans for Brandemonium to members of AAF Cincinnati at a Thursday evening "20 Minutes + A Beer" event hosted by the PPS Group in Covington.

“The conference is really for industry professionals if their jobs touch branding in any way,” Donabedian explained. “But I think the really exciting part are the brand activations which really are free entertainment options for anyone who wants to come downtown and check them out.”

There will be many free events around town during the events run that are open to the public including performances, pop-up shops, brand takeovers, brand hacks, lounges, and after parties.

While ticket sales for the conference are already brisk, Donabedian feels that public participation will grow throughout the week as word spreads.

“Closer to the week’s end when more people have heard about it through pictures and social media we’ll have a lot more people coming down.”

While Cincinnati is known by many nicknames, Donabedian is proudly announcing to the world what has been bandied about within our business community for more than five years, that Cincinnati is the Brand Capital of the World. “We’re not asking permission,” Donabedian proclaims. “This is ours to own.”

With so much rich history of branding in Cincinnati, it’s a title that surely fits. To those concerned about so many events happening in the Queen City within the Brandemonium time frame, the co-founders say, "The natives here need to open their minds. That's what big cities do." Their belief in the concept has driven a long list of most impressive participants.

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