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Ad Capsule: Insights from AAF Member Rose Wesselman

Media Insights In a recent article in MediaPost - the Top 50 Brands showing the fastest growth in customer relationships and financial value all had a core mission statemnt of improving people's lives. Starbuck's, Zappos, and IBM were among the companies with higher goals than just selling produc...

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Ad Capsule: Insights from AAF Member Michel Keidel

Negative advertising is just so...negative I like my commercials to be enjoyable, entertaining and tell a positive story. And most people do, or advertising wouldn't work for our clients. It's a priviledge to have my spots run in your living room and on your car stereo. Yet we let politicians go ...

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Ad Capsule: Insights from AAF Member Mike Zitt

Mike Zitt's positive tips! Work with people you like - it's the reason I started my own business. Paycheck or not, I don't have time for disrespectful people. It drains your creativity energy, and it's not worth the price. Do something for free - Balance is important here but the right projects ...

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