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National ADDYs to gyro, Landor, Neltner Creative & Gateway Student Mollie Neff

In Austin, TX, on June 5, AAF Cincinnati members picked up National ADDY Award trophies at a magnificent celebration. Gold ADDY to gyro for their gyro corporate brochure, Silver ADDY to Landor for P&G Old Spice Classic, Silver ADDY to Neltner Creative for Charlie Louvin: Still Rattlin', ...

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Ad Capsule: Insights from AAF Member Chris Witham

Sponsorship is Rewarding And so too I believe my new AAF membership will be. My company, Topic Design, is responsible for this new website. Take it or leave, love it or hate, it's new, it's current and it's highly functional. True, we'll experience bugs from time to time--technology, especially the...

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Ad Capsule: Insights from AAF Member Mary Lynn Tangi

Embrace Change! Change is inevitable-how we deal with it is optional. Life's a rollercoaster ride of uncertainty, with ups and downs, twists and turns. This morning's great idea haunts you by noon. Your peace of mind turns into losing your mind in seconds. No wonder conspiracy theorists are on th...

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