AAF Cincinnati Membership Categories: Select the One That Suits Your Needs

Individual AAF Cincinnati Member 
Individual dues are $135 annually (first-year members need to add $25 administrative fee); If you have been a member in the past and your membership has lapsed for longer than 60 days, you are considered a first-time member upon rejoining and must pay the administrative fee.  Annual dues amounts are for a 12 month membership with renewal up in anniversary month.

Student Member of Ad2/AAF Cincinnati
Student membership dues @ $45 per year (no administrative fee).  To qualify for Student membership, you must be a full-time student with identification as such. [Note: Full-time students who also belong to an AAF Student Chapter at their school, may become a member of Ad2 or AAF Cincinnati by paying us only $25 per year.]  AD2 Student members must be 18-32 years of age. AAF-C Student members are generally 33 and older.  Students pay a discounted rate at most (not all) AAF Cincinnati events. 

Retiree or Out-Of-Town Member
Fully retired advertising professionals or former Members who have moved to a distant market (more than 100 miles) from Cincinnati may pay dues @ $60 per year (no administrative fee). To qualify as a fully retired professional, you may no longer be earning direct income. To qualify as an out-of-town professional at this special rate, you must have worked in Cincinnati and belonged to AAF Cincinnati (or Ad Club Cincinnati) before having moved to a market more than 100 miles away. (If neither of these apply to you, you are still welcome to join at the Individual Member rate.)