AAF Cincinnati Membership Categories: Select the One That Suits Your Needs

Individual AAF Cincinnati Member 
Individual dues are $135 annually (first-year members need to add $25 administrative fee); If you have been a member in the past and your membership has lapsed for longer than 60 days, you are considered a first-time member upon rejoining and must pay the administrative fee.  Annual dues amounts are for a 12 month membership with renewal up in anniversary month.

Company 5-Plus Memberships (5 or more must join/renew at the same time)
Companies with 5 or more members may pay $100 per member.  (We will waive the administrative fee on those memberships.)  For this special rate to apply, the first five (5) members must join at the same time at $500.  Each additional member is then $100.  With Company 5-Plus Memberships ONLY, we will honor the Member rate at all luncheons/events for up to the number of members the Company 5-Plus Membership covers. (Beyond that number, persons attending must pay the nonmember rate, even if theirs is the name in our Roster).  Annual dues amounts are for a 12 month membership with renewal up in your anniversary month. Add’l members may be added during the club year $100 per member.

Ad2 Cincinnati Member
Individual professional dues @ $75 per year (no administrative fee). To qualify for Ad 2 membership, you must be from 18 to 32 years of age.  Companies with 4 or more members receive a 10% discount per membership. Annual dues amounts are for a 12 month membership with renewal up in your anniversary month Ad2 members are also considered to be members of AAF Cincinnati and pay the lower "Member" rate for all events. 

Student Member of Ad2/AAF Cincinnati
Student membership dues @ $45 per year (no administrative fee).  To qualify for Student membership, you must be a full-time student with identification as such. [Note: Full-time students who also belong to an AAF Student Chapter at their school, may become a member of Ad2 or AAF Cincinnati by paying us only $25 per year.]  AD2 Student members must be 18-32 years of age. AAF-C Student members are generally 33 and older.  Students pay a discounted rate at most (not all) AAF Cincinnati events. 

Retiree or Out-Of-Town Member
Fully retired advertising professionals or former Members who have moved to a distant market (more than 100 miles) from Cincinnati may pay dues @ $60 per year (no administrative fee). To qualify as a fully retired professional, you may no longer be earning direct income. To qualify as an out-of-town professional at this special rate, you must have worked in Cincinnati and belonged to AAF Cincinnati (or Ad Club Cincinnati) before having moved to a market more than 100 miles away. (If neither of these apply to you, you are still welcome to join at the Individual Member rate.)